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Based on my own experience having two kids, strongly believing in good connection and building mutual trust understanding and respect, I found the Holistic sleep coach training after looking long and deep into which training to follow.  

As I initially was very enthusiastic to go studying to be an IBCLC, I was advised by a very dear woman to look for a sleep coaching way that will support that and always be skeptical and ask questions and keep learning and improving.

As I found and started this course it was clear no more questions were necessary! The course is very profound and completely evidence and research-based, full of lectures and discussions with a whole variety of health professionals, and therefore also academically acknowledged by the British Open College Network (OCN).

The training is supportive of attachment, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. It explains in-depth every possible condition or situation which might somehow be related to sleep, so we can help refer to the right professional if a child or the parent might be having anything that needs to be referred further. I also consider aspects such as nutrition, sensory-related behavior, and how our environment can contribute to or counter affect sleep (and so much more).

As a Holistic sleep coach©, I consider family care, educate parents on parental efficacy, responsiveness, and a way to nourish children that will later grow into secure and healthy independent (young) adults.

So… Am I the right person to help you?

You might know that better than me.

I don’t offer any quick trick or ‘one solution fits all’ strategy. I don’t believe in letting children, and for sure not young babies, cry to sleep.

I only advise and support safe sleep practices (According to the WHO©, UNICEF©, and Lullaby trust© guidelines).

I work in a trial and error method after learning the situation thoroughly and in-depth, understanding from you- the parent/ primary caretaker and the primary expert knowing your own child- the best ways to get to your child (considering parental views and approach, child characteristics and many more) and approach the sleep and sleep-related obstacles.

Together we form the right plan that fits best your feeling, and your family, and makes your child feel as safe and comfortable as possible to improve their sleep.