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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Lullaby sleep advice is owned and run by Hila Raviv- Holistic sleep coach.
The following conditions apply in case of a refund request:
All interested parties are eligible for a free 15 minute call after which they may
decide to proceed with the consultation progress.
After which they will fill out a broad questionnaire to supply as full view as possible
of the situation and make the payment in full. When the questionnaire has been filled and sent they may
schedule a consultation call (the initial intake) where we will discuss the
situation, possible causes, and solutions, and within a few days receive an e-
mail with contents of advice. Depending on the chosen service there might be
more follow-up calls included.
Lullaby sleep advice may decide to refuse a consultation progress with a client
if their views are too incompatible with Lullaby’s sleep approach.

(a)Refunds for Clients who choose to withdraw prior to the initial intake
assessment (signing the contract and filling out the questionnaire and/or having the first consult) Client is eligible for a full refund, less a 20€ administration fee. 
To withdraw, the Client must submit a written notice
to as soon as possible (up to 48 hours prior to
scheduled consult).
(b)Refunds for Clients who choose to withdraw after the initial intake
assessment: The client must pay the full fee, and no refund will be provided since
coach already prepared for the consultation and/ or gave the advice and information.

Clients who have paid for a zoom call are offered one (1) complimentary reschedule if they are unable to attend the appointment time. If rescheduling is necessary an additional time, then a new paid booking will be required.
Refunds will not be provided for clients who are a ‘no-show’ to their
scheduled zoom meeting. Clients are given a 10-minute ‘grace period’ for
calls. If a client is more than 10-minutes late, that is considered a no show; and the appointment must be rescheduled
-In the event of outstanding invoices, customers are liable for interest on
the invoice amount at the rate of 12.5% per month from the sleep
assessment date until the date on which payment in full is received.
– In the event of outstanding invoices, Lullaby sleep advice will refer the
balance to a collection agency. Any collection costs incurred by the
collection agency will be the responsibility of the customer.
Please read and accept these terms and conditions prior to your first coaching call.
By submitting/signing this document, you confirm that you have read and accepted
these terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing to work with Lullaby sleep advice. Support from Hila is not a
substitute for medical, nutritional, lactation, psychological, or therapeutic care, and it is
also not a substitute for counseling, diagnosis, treatment, or any other type of medical
care. Please consult your doctor or another suitably qualified professional if you have
any concerns regarding you or your child’s health or wellbeing.
At Lullaby sleep advice I do not guarantee a particular outcome or result, or within a
particular time frame.

It is understood that the information I am given by you would remain completely
CONFIDENTIAL at all times and never disclosed to anyone without written consent,
or court order. In a similar manner, I expect my clients to retain confidentiality also
and not to share, duplicate (except for personal use), or plagiarise any documents
that I send to you, and to keep these for your family’s personal use only, and that of
any caregivers.